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Ampleforth Abbey

Founded by Benedictine monks in 1802, situated in 2,000 acres of its own land, Ampleforth Abbey is still home to the same community of monks today. Catering for the community throughout their lifetime, there is an on-site Infirmary, kitchen, and housekeeping team.

The Ampleforth Valley is also a thriving tourist destination with one of the largest commercial orchards in the North of England and a state-of-the-art Retreat Centre that welcomes thousands of guests yearly. Our fully equipped Sports Centre provides city-standard facilities in a countryside setting. There are a variety of career opportunities, and we hope you enjoy learning more about us.

Staff Testimonials

  • Headshot of Anthony
    Anthony: Housekeeping Assistant

    One of my favourite things about working here is the people. I’ve worked here 10 years and what really sticks with me is the caring atmosphere here, full of genuine people.

    If you’re having a bad day, it’s soon noticed, and someone will always offer you a friendly ear or a cup of tea. I really feel like when I come to work I’m valued and listened to, which is great. 


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  • Headshot of Adrian
    Adrian: Healthcare Assistant

    In my job I provide care and support to the whole monastic community, whether they live here on-site or out in the parishes.

    I've built good relationships with them over the 3 and a half years I've been here and found supporting each person’s physical and mental well-being to be really fulfilling. 

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  • Lucy
    Lucy: Marketing Assistant

    As a Marketing Assistant I support my manager in promoting Ampleforth Abbey and all that we have to offer.

    My role is great because it's so varied and allows me to be really creative. A monastery is such a unique thing to market - I really do learn something new everyday.

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