Oblates with Ampleforth Abbey

St Benedict's rule has been lived out for centuries, not just by vowed monks and nuns, but by many men and women lay people too.

Many people feel drawn to the Gospel life, guided by the Rule, and so have become an Oblate with a monastic community of their choice. Oblates are individuals who usually live in general society yet are dedicated to God and God's service.

There are currently around 70 Oblates with Ampleforth Abbey.

Becoming an Oblate involves making a formal commitment to applying the Rule of St Benedict in your life. Though each person’s commitments are different depending on their situation in life, generally these include:

  • Allowing time for prayer in the morning and in the evening
  • Attend Mass regularly (with reflective prayer each week on the Gospel Sunday)
  • Pray daily for the Monastic Community and its works and for fellow Oblates

An annual retreat is also held at the Abbey to allow Oblates to come together as a group and share their experiences – you might want to make a commitment to join this where possible.

We ask each Oblate to renew their Oblation annually, either by sending us an email or by post, to let us know they intend to continue their commitment.

In September 2023, Fr Chad and two of our Oblates spent a busy week in Rome for the International Congress of Benedictine Oblates with 150 Oblates from around the world.

It was an inspiring week exploring how to live the wisdom of the Rule, with talks, workshops, eating and praying together, pilgrimages to Subiaco and Monte Cassino, and a final private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

International Benedictine Oblates Congress

You can read Pope Francis' message to the Benedictine Oblates who participated in the Congress here.