Ampleforth Abbey Trust Survivors Confidentiality Statement


In our work with survivors, Ampleforth Abbey Trust recognises that confidentiality is an essential part of our work. However, there may be occasions where we cannot maintain confidentiality.


When we will have to break a confidential agreement

If you tell us you are at serious risk of harm from self or others

If you tell us there is a serious risk of harm to someone else from yourself

If you are told about a child or vulnerable adult at risk of harm from someone else

If you share an allegation of abuse or previous harm


What constitutes a ‘risk of harm’?

This could include harm, which is physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, emotional, spiritual, domestic, modern slavery, discriminatory, organisational, neglect, self-neglect, financial or material.


What we will do if you alert us to a risk of harm:

We will explain that we have to act on what you have told us. We will make you aware of who we will need to tell and find the best way forward. We will also find a suitable way to follow up with you once we have passed on the information, so you know who holds this information and what the next steps might be.

For more information, please contact Jim Hopkinson, Director of Safeguarding, Ampleforth Abbey Trust, Ampleforth Abbey, YORK, YO62 4EN Tel 01439 766096 E-mail:


If you are concerned about the welfare of a child or adult at risk, do not delay in contacting the police, using 999 if a child or adult is believed to be in immediate danger.


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