8th April, 2019

Fr Cyprian Smith OSB RIP

Fr Cyprian


Please pray for the eternal happiness of

The Reverend Dom Cyprian Smith

Monk of Ampleforth Abbey

who died on 8th April 2019

in the 82nd year of his age,

the 46th of his monastic life,

and the 40th of priesthood

May he rest in peace


Funeral arrangements

Monday 15 April
18.00               Reception of Fr Cyprian’s body into the Abbey Church followed by Vespers for the Dead
20.15              The Dirge (Vigil for the Dead) in the Abbey Church

Tuesday 16 April
07.30               Lauds for the Dead in St Laurence’s Chapel at Bolton House
08.45               Little Hour in St Laurence’s Chapel at Bolton House
11.30               Solemn Sung Funeral Mass in the Abbey Church followed by burial in Monks’ Wood

Suscipe me Domine, secundum eloquium tuum et vivam,
Et non confundas me ab expectatione mea

Uphold me, Lord, according to your promise and I shall live,
and let my hopes not be in vain

(The Suscipe is sung when a monk makes his Solemn Profession and at his funeral)


Please download a copy of the Homily given by Fr Gabriel at Fr Cyprian’s funeral below.