Home Retreats in July

Ampleforth Abbey Down the Valley

Our popular Home Retreats continue as the community provide reflective and insightful discussions every Saturday at 11.00.

Home Retreats can be watched on our YouTube channel or listened to on our podcast.

See below which monks are taking part this month and what topics will be explored:


‘Praying in need of healing’ by Fr Gabriel

Saturday 6th July

This home retreat begins with Psalm 118 verse 132: “Turn and have mercy on me, as is your rule for those who love your name” and then moves to the story of the blind beggar Bartimaeus in Mark chapter 10 verses 46 to 52


'Still full of sap, still green – Benedictine fruitfulness today' by Fr Chad

Saturday 13th July

In the week that we celebrate St Benedict as patron of Europe, this talk will look at his continuing relevance to our world today, and how both his Rule and his life can inspire our response to this time of crisis.


"One Truth" Fr Christopher 

Saturday 20th July

‘Some scientists have this wonderful ability to show there is one world, one truth. Maybe they have come to it through their own thinking, but we’re coming to that same thing through our being.’

One Truth.docx


Fr Bede

Saturday 27th July