Home Retreats in May

Ampleforth Abbey

Our popular Home Retreats continue as the community provide reflective and insightful discussions every Saturday at 11.00.

Home Retreats can be watched on our YouTube channel or listened to on our podcast.

See below which monks are taking part this month and what topics will be explored:


‘A Different Viewpoint’ by Fr Christopher

Saturday 4th May

Following the exposure of three illusions in Richard Rohr’s last reflection - called Action and Contemplation, he reflects that we move on to adopt a different viewpoint or world view.

Home Retreat A Different Viewpoint 04.05.24.docx


“..a week to go to Pentecost” by Fr Bede

Saturday 11th May

Are you almost ready to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to begin to renew the face of your local acre of the world?

..& can “she” rely on you?

an insight into a Confirmation weekend retreat for a group of 30 young disciples preparing to receive a new name

& a new relationship with the Holy Spirit..

..are you ready to be inspired by their insights?

“..a week to go to Pentecost” by Fr Bede, Resources.pdf


‘Changed by the Resurrection’ by Fr Wulstan

Saturday 18th May

This Home Retreat reflects upon the meaning of Jesus’ Resurrection for Christian life today.

Changed by the Resurrection .pdf


‘Wisdom’ by Fr Richard

Saturday 25th May

What’s the difference between wisdom and intelligence? What is it? Where does it come from? Can we acquire it? Is it anything to do with God?