30th October, 2023

Home Retreats in November

Lake in Ampleforth Abbey grounds

The monastic community continue to provide reflective and insightful Home Retreats throughout November, both via our new podcast and on our YouTube channel.

These 10-20 minute reflections each Saturday are a great way to pause and reflect amidst the busyness of daily life.

See which monks are taking part this month below:


'...perhaps the Church's best kept secret...' by Fr Bede

Saturday 4th November

With two of our greatest feasts of the Church at the start of November, All Saints (All Hallows, Halloween, the eve of All Hallows) and All Souls (remembering and praying for our loved ones still on their journey to heaven), it seems a fitting moment to search into the secrets of the journey from our current status as the “Church militant” into the attic space of the “Church suffering”, before our eventual crossing of threshold into the fullness of light and life in heaven as the “Church triumphant”.

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'Silence' by Fr Gabriel

Saturday 11th November

There is of course something contradictory in talking about silence, but nevertheless this is something the monastic tradition does quite a bit. It is a wide topic, but Fr Gabriel would like to say something about silence and listening in lectio divina.

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'Difference' by Fr Richard

Saturday 18th November

Differences between people can make it very difficult to live with each other – or they can be a source of strength.  What makes the difference?

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'Cloud of Witnesses IV' by Fr Cedd

Saturday 25th November

Fr Cedd speaks about the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

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