Home Retreats in October

Abbey Church in October

The monastic community continue to provide reflective and insightful Home Retreats throughout October, both via our new podcast and on our YouTube channel.

These 10-20 minute reflections each Saturday are a great way to pause and reflect amidst the busyness of daily life.

See which monks are taking part this month below:


'For whose eyes only?' Part 2 by Fr Philip

Saturday 7th October

I take an interest, he is nosey, they are interfering.’ Where does benign interest in what is happening around us veer into invasive curiosity?

Perhaps – having learnt from some high-profile Biblical examples – we can find some helpful antidotes to a perennial human weakness in the ordered life established by St Benedict – and whose principles can be applied in many diverse settings.

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'Action and Contemplation' by Fr Christopher

Saturday 14th October

Richard Rohr gave a retreat to the WCCM back in 2015. It was so clear, good and relevant that Fr Christopher thought he would ‘put it out there’ with some extra comments. 8 Talks in the series.

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'A Medicine to Heal all Wounds' by Abbot Robert

Saturday 21st October

Looking at our present situation with war between Israel and Palestine, in Sudan and in Ukraine we could ask is there any hope. The tensions in the world reflect our inner tensions. So where can we find a medicine for our ill? Tune in to find out.

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'Benedict in the World - the Mission of an Oblate' by Fr Chad

Saturday 28th October

This talk will explore how Benedictine Oblates, as lay members of a monastic community, are called to contribute to the wider church and world, adapting the strength of the Benedictine tradition to their particular situation.

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The Home Retreats conclude with a series of suggestions for activities and further reflection throughout the day.